Pride & Prejudice Analysis

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Pride & Prejudice

In Pride & Prejudice, audiences are presented to the character, Elizabeth Bennet, who is a quick-witted, bold and intelligent woman. She is a dynamic character who goes through a transformation in her outlooks and insights by the end of the film, but always holds true to her values. Although the character of Elizabeth was created over 200 years ago by Jane Austen, she displayed in such a modern voice, that her values and intelligence still comes across extremely strong. These values impact and influence the lives of her family and friends. Elizabeth holds most strongly to two of her values: she does not filter her actions regardless of social status and believes that marriage should only be based upon love.

Elizabeth Bennet does not allow her social standing as a middle class woman affect her actions and words to anyone, regardless of their standing. The person that we see her speak to most, with no regard of class standing is Lady Catherine DeBourg.

Elizabeth believes Lady Catherine to be haughty, self-centered and domineering and expects everyone to appreciate and follow her advice on every topic. Through two interactions with Lady Catherine, we see how Elizabeth does not allow Lady Catherine to speak down to her. The first interaction occurs when Elizabeth accompanies Mr. Collins and Charlotte to Lady Catherine's home for a visit, unknowing that Mr. Darcy will be there. At the dinner table, Lady Catherine begins asking Elizabeth about her life and upbringing. In the scene, the characters faces are candlelit, by many, causing some shadows. As Lady Catherine grills Elizabeth, there are cuts to Darcy's face, where we see his disagreements with Lady Catherine, and cuts to Mr. Collins nodding his head in agreement with Lady Catherine. Its is no question that Lady...