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The Prince I. How leader should maintain a country a. Never change the established order, don't impose new taxes b. Same language c. No difference in customs d. Wipe out old family ruling e. Do not stir hatred among the people f. Live in conquered country 1. makes the possession more secure and permanent 2. troubles can be detected the minute they arise and effective measures can be taken quickly 3. subjects will have direct access to the leader g. It's better to be cruel than clement b/c its more beneficial to be feared than loved.

1. love is maintained by the bond of obligation which owing to human nature, is broken when there is a conflict with private interest 2. Fear is maintained by dread of punishment, which never fails h. Ask truthful ministers for advice i. Liberality should always be avoided j. Establish colonies vs. having a military 1.

Colonies - acts as fetters for colony - much more less expensive - only injurious to people who lose their fields and homes, who are poor and scattered 2. Military - much more expensive - harms whole region when the troops roam around country, thus the people become hostile to the ruler - misguided k. Any revenge done to a man must be such that there is no fear of revenge l. In times of peace, rulers should constantly be building military and be preparing m. Always be protective to neighboring, minor countries, and always contrive to weaken powers of those who are powerful within the country itself, weaken the stronger neighbors n. Always have as many allies as possible o. Never let troubles develop in order to avoid a war b/c its only postponing it p. Never give power to a man b/c it brings upon his own ruin