PRINCE 2 as a Methodology in Project Management

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PRINCE 2 as a Methodology in Project Management

When I first started venturing into this field, project management has always just been about logically planning projects, setting targets (finances & time), retaining control of the project from start till completion and evaluating to review whether objectives have been met.

My experience in this field has allowed me to better understand the essential roles and responsibilities of a project manager. Naming just a few, these include: Thoroughly planning a project, and control manpower and involvement in functional areas, exercising strong positive leadership, monitor performance and ensuring project is on schedule and within budget (Larson & Gray, 2011).

Suitable as an event that adopted various project-management techniques, 2011 Prom-Night was a student-initiated event formed by a committee of 8 to plan, organize, monitor and control all aspects of this project. Leading the team as Vice-chairperson, we were expected to work together within 10 months to coordinate a night for fellow graduating students to look forward to.

Its purpose revolved around marking the end of a milestone in one's polytechnic journey. Planned for a cohort of 300 graduating students, it aimed to serve as a closure to the wonderful memories students have created as they attained their diploma, simply a night for them to remember before moving onto the next chapter of their lives.

Quoting what was mentioned in lecture 1, "to manage is to be responsible for, or be in charge of a project." Stages that were evident at the beginning of the planning process were identified mainly as:

Initial Planning: Objectives set, team organized, development of brief, specifying responsibilities of team members, rough estimation of time & cost of project activities,

Project Scheduling: Allocation of resources (manpower, finance and equipment), regular update of schedule, Gantt charts & timelines

Project Control: Ensuring...