The princess bride.

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Often an author tries to deceive his readers. He will have unexpected events occur and have things appear differently than they normally do to keep them reading. In these novels many events are not what they seem to be.

In the novel The Princess Bride people are not what they appear to be. The character Wesley was very unpredictable he supposedly died twice in the novel and he fooled everyone by actually being alive. He was given the title Dread Pirate Roberts during the first time people thought he had died. This made him unable to return to his true love Buttercup for five years. When he finally returned (but did not know it was Wesley) he wanted her to admit she had not felt any pain when Wesley had died. "Were you sorry? Did you fell pain? Admit that you felt nothing." She said to him in anger "Do not mock my grief! I died that day".

Buttercup was explaining to him that when she found out Wesley had died she would never love again. The second time people thought he was dead he appeared just before Buttercup would have killed herself. He was very unpredictable throughout he entire novel and fooled everyone with his near and fake deaths.

In the novel Enders Game the character Ender became a student at a naval academy. He did not know that he would be fighting to help prevent the Earth from being destroyed. He had gone to academy but it was different than what he thought it was going to be like. Ender was hoping for it to be a fair place where you had to earn your way to a better level. He was pushed up to the older kids without even trying. His family was not really his family.