Princess Diaries

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Running Head: Princess Diaries

Princess Diaries


Princess Diaries


The story revolves Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, a fifteen-year-old girl discovers that her father was the Prince of Genovia and she is the exclusive inheritor to the throne. By her sixteenth birthday, she has to come up with a decision whether to live as a princess and move to Genovia or else stay in Manhattan with her sympathetic, artist mother. She must experience the humiliation of princess lessons at the hands of her uncompromising grandmother.


The Princess Diaries is based on Girl Power featuring. Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo also known as Mia, the 10th grader teenage girl who accidentally falls in love with her best friend's brother Michael Kenny. Despite all of that Mia have other issues to worry about including algebra, final exams, school dance and the Genivion people who see her as their future ruler.

When Mia turns fifteen she discovers that her father was the Prince of Genovia and she is the exclusive successor to the throne The princess has to go through a very dreadful time if she agrees to become the future queen of Genovia. If not she chooses not to become the queen she can stay with her mother She comes up with a decision to live with her father and Grandmother to become the queen She has a strict grand mother who treats her the hard way. Despie so many issues she manages to win all by standing on her own two feet and getting no help from either Kenny her boyfriend or Michaels who was her crush. Along the way she is helped along the way from mentors, her best friend, her grandmother, and people who honestly know her better. But the love did not assist...