Principal Controversies

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New principal has controversial position Out with the old in with the new. Dr. Dick Darst is out and Kathi Jo Lillebo Holvey is in. This energetic marathon runner has come to replace the retired principal Dr. Dick Darst.

Holvey has two children: Annie Jo, 4, and Joseph, 7. She has been married to Joe Holvey for a total of 13 years.

Her role models are her parents. Her father taught her to be goal oriented and emotional whereas her mother taught her to be accepting and nonracial.

"I've always said if you can't do something you love, don't do it" said Holvey in reference to her fathers teachings.

In light of recent events Holvey stated that there would be no change of security that wasn't already planned. Her responses to President Bush's day of prayer were in a word, "perfect" She said.

Holvey was asked her opinion on prayer in school and answered with an administrative answer.

"Legally a problem? Yes. Personally? No. The line between church and state needs to be looked at". Says Holvey Originally Holvey didn't want to be an educator, she wanted to be different from her family who were all in the education system. Before her education career a dental hygienist, and a real estate agent. That has changed and she is now having fun at her career. She was, last year a teacher of third grade at laurel elementary. Her move into administration though has raised a few eyebrows though. The controversy is over the way she was hired. No interview was held; there was also the issue of no public posting on the job. She was very straight in her answer when questioned about this.

"I'm here to be the principal of this school." Said Holvey