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When you are working in an environment with 3000 plus employees, that is a big number of employees and they are hard to manage. To able to follow the path of the company which is treat the employees as valued partners, they have to come up with an idea to help the company save as much money as they can and not upset the employees. So the best way to deal with this situation is to cut the hours from the employees. This way will make everyone happy because they still have a secure job. The downside for this solution is less working hours for the employees which mean they will receive less pay for the period of October to March of the next year. As of right now on the job market, you have a job is better than nothing. So I think that will help the company save money and make all the employees satisfy.

Based on the principle of fairness, they have to think a solution that will benefit both party which is the company and the employees that work hard for them so many months. The meaning of this principle is to never take any action that harm the lease among us: the poor, the undereducated, and the unemployed. If we pick the solution to lay off some employees, that is not fair for them even though they got hire later. Everyone has their own opportunity to fight for what they need and everyone should be treat equal. There will be a lot of questions ask since it is not fair between all of the employees. Unless there is a reason for you to fire that employee, then there will not be a question ask. So to be fair with every employee, the best solution...