A Principle to Live By: Working out.

Essay by evisonlu March 2003

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There are many diet drugs in the advertising market try to get consumer interest in. We live in a modern nation, a busy life prevent us from getting our weight manage properly. In addition to this, people try a lot of diet pills in hope to get rid of the unnecessary weight. But dieting drugs can be harmful to clients because of the side effects of the particular drugs. The effective way to lose weight is through exercise.

Exercise is definately healthy for bodies. It keeps the immune system going strong to protect us from diseases. I remembered an incident that totally changed my life around because of this. The flu made it hard for me to keep up with school. This time, I spent a week in bed. Until I met Aunt Lily, she taught me how to exercise such as breathing, running and drank lot of water.

About one week later, I saw a big change in me. I started to feel more energetic. I felt great and healthier then before. The bad flu was no longer the issue to keep me away from school.

Price is sometimes a concern for people who want to keep fit. They think doing physical training cost them more than any other ways to help lose weight. Exercise is actually cheaper than any other way to lose weight. Jon, a friend of mine, spent a lot of money on diet drugs hoping to lose weight fast. But that didn't work for him, because the diet drugs he had used had side effect on him. AFter consuming half of a bottle of the dieting pills, he experienced several side effects. Working out sober. The results were satisfying. "There is no need for wasting my money on the pills, now I...