Principles and Functions of Management

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Out line:This essay will look at the Principles and Functions of Management. Which mentions there is a difference between what a manager should do and what they actually do? According to many writers observation. Subsequently, I will comment by usage of my own knowledge of management theories and concepts. Further more, it is based on an experience and press stuffs. Due to main discussions, my assessment can be divided into following paragraph:I.IntroductionIn this order I will define:-What is a manager?-Why do we need the management?-Theories management: X and Y-Levels of managementII. PresentationIn this case I am going to explain:- What a management should do?-What they actually do?-How come there are the differences?-How does it influence on organizational values?II.Conclusion-Summaries the main points-Add solution and recommendationIII.IntroductionLong time ago, there was a concept of manager in every social class. Because people are always looking forward an individual, who can lead organization in a right way.

Thus, managers are people responsible for the process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the efforts of organization members and of using all organizational resources to achieve stated organizational goals.

The organizations tend to approach its objectives. Because of this, they desire there is a productive work. In term of this, we need to bring people together. It leads to combine experiences, knowledge, and efficiency resources. It is likely to achieve more than by people working on their own. Furthermore, the managers can make a planning to express goals in term of profit, market share… in order to achieve these objectives the organizations require to have right people having responsibility, to make planning in the right time. The staff are required to performance the tasks given by the managers. Due to Pearce and Robinson statement that manager is: The process of optimizing human, material, and financial contributions...