Prioritizing the IT Project Portfolio

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July 27th 2009AbstractThe purpose of establishing a priority matrix is to oversee and monitor the transformation of the business and to assist management in ensuring stakeholder commitment, defining the mission of the business is in line with the initiating major stages of projects and the project portfolio by creating a official project priority thus obtaining resources along with defining the project teams tasks. This will also minimize risks connected to the project, establishing an organized structured system for each project changes as well as measuring project implementation success. The prioritizing of a project portfolio focuses on the strategy through the coordinated management and implementation of various projects.

Project Portfolio ManagementThe key to prioritizing the IT project portfolio is in the establishment and putting into practice of a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) system which is intended to preside over all IT project requests to get selected funding, resources, commitments and eventually reaching a priority and becoming active.

Making sure that each project is run using a universal company project management approach a project management portfolio is in charge for managing all in progress IT projects. Because the focal point of PPM centers on mitigating the importance of an IT project, a prioritization plan is also intended to place assessment making straightforwardly in the hands of business leaders. Therefore it is critically important that an IT management team be made up of business executives and head by the CIO, established unequivocally for making funding decisions related to priority. Providing funding authority for major technology projects and organizational direction the IT project management team should report to the board of directors or other upper management personnel too. The approving all the most important improvement projects, determining & setting funding levels along with monitoring their results, management is accountable for setting the...