Prisioners Of Geography

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?Prisoners of Geography? All over the world there are impoverished countries, which lack food and the essentials for a normal life. Their destitute life style, can be explained by a theory that suggests the location of a country or place can cause poverty. ?Places that tend to be located in tropical regions or, because of their location, face large transportation costs in accessing world markets.? Countries that are located far inland also have trouble growing do to a lack of accessability to foreign markets. Mainly the transportation costs for companies are high and they lose out, and transportation costs are directly related to geography. So if companies can?t make a decent profit, they leave which leads to poverty-stricken conditions. Another significant problem is the area?s potential for agricultural use. If the climate of the area is dry and hot it will be very hard for people to grow food. If they can?t grow it, then they have to pay for the expensive transportation of food and the food its self. Another reason that climate is a great determining factor is that diseases become prominent in areas with little season change, mainly hot climates. Disease can affect all aspects of a society. An important aspect to a country?s growth is infrastructure. Linking a country through roads and rails is important, it promotes a great distribution of goods. A country can be devastated by a natural disaster. Places that are prone to these things can be ruined along with their economy. They do not have the money or infrastructure to get back up on their feet. The cooperation of countries from the coast to inland would be a great way to solve these problems.

I would have to say that this theory supports all of the other theories to poverty.