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The Wisconsin State Legislature is coming together soon to vote on a bill that will double the maximum prison time for armed robbery convictions. The reason for this paper is too help give different recommendations along with reasons that may aid in helping the voters look at other resolutions that may be more beneficial. Even though this proposed bill is popular with many people, voters still need to look at all aspects. My supervisor brought up a good question; will this new prison term do any good? With this question in mind, I have decided to take a closer look at what the new bill will entail and if we even need to "fix something that is not broke". If we first look at where armed robbery has come from and where it is today, then maybe we can look at other approaches that may have more of an affective outcome.

In 2007, robbery in Wisconsin had increased from 32 people to 46 people who had reported the crime. The problem is that the State Legislature has proposed a bill that would double the maximum prison term for this crime. The problem is that there is no guarantee that this measure will deter those who consider as criminal life. And this can also lead to the overcrowding in prisons, a problem that many prisons are facing. However, I believe that there are recommendations that can be implemented into this measure that can be of use to both our society and to the deviant. These recommendations would include strict procedures that the deviant would have to follow and complete before being released back into the world. I believe with the help of behavior modification, counseling, and education, I believe that the deviant could be rehabilitated rather than incarcerated.

While many might...