Prisoners of War - Chapter 11

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I sighed, I should have known that it was too good to be true. The others rushed around trying to fan smoke away and hiding rolling papers, blunt wraps and discarded tobacco. Stacie ran down the hall with her purse and came back without it, and finally after checking with the others to see if they were ready went to the door, where more pounding was heard.

Stacie took a deep breath, and I was holding mine, my heart racing while beads of sweat formed on my forehead. I pulled out a cigarette and nervously puffed on it, hiding the pacifier in my pocket.

Stacie opened the door and screamed. "Anthony you bastard!" She then erupted in laughter as two guys entered laughing and one hugged her. He then started screaming and running around the room laughing and waving around two glow sticks, one red and one blue. The other looked around the room shy like and I noticed it was Mike.

"Holy ****, Mike!" I yelled out running to him and hugging him.

He almost fell down and laughed pushing me away. "Geese man look out, you almost burnt me." He pointed to the cigarette, which I had totally forgot about. I grinned patting him on the back with my arm around him and led him inside taking a pull. He smiled and waved hello to everyone, who were busy yelling at this guy Anthony that had now sat down, and Stacie came up behind us and went through the circle again introducing everyone, again I forgot everyone's name.

We all sat down again, Stacie next to me on my right, and Mike on my left. "Damn man, when I told you to loosen up tonight I didn't know you'd take it this seriously." He then paused noticing...