Prisoners of War - Chapter 12

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I slowly opened my eyes, the light peering through my window giving me a headache. I moaned and rolled out of bed feeling weak and sluggishly walked to the bathroom. As I walked I felt a bubbling in my stomach and started running, getting inside and vomiting in the toilet.

I moaned leaning back and letting my head lean over the wall of my tub. I groaned hearing the phone ring, and after flushing the toilet and washing my face I walked back into my room to pick it up.

"Hello?" My voice sounded different, harsh and scratchy, I noticed my throat hurt a little, while my jaw hurt a lot.

"Chris?" It was Mike.

"Yea." I groaned out, rubbing my head.

I heard him chuckling over the phone, which almost made me want to vomit again. "That's the only downside to that drug man, and of course the reason I only smoke bud."

I smiled remembering that I still had some bud left, the stuff I had brought and never smoked there. "Speaking of bud I think I'm going to finish up, maybe that will make me feel better."

"Probably, are you showing up for work today?"

I sighed. "I don't know, depends on how well the weed works." I leaned over to my desk for the second joint that Stacie had given me. "Going to smoke some now..."

I could hear him laughing on the other end and I was hit with a rush of emotions, I didn't know if I wanted to strangle him or cry. "You did it to yourself man." I paused, holding the phone with my shoulder and lit the joint.

"Even so, it's not cool to laugh. Hang on." I inhaled deep, smiling and exhaling. Suddenly I coughed, gagged and thought I...