Prisoners of War - Chapter 17

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I looked around the small school building. I was just a child then, small and friendless, just moved to this town, with my mother and brother after the death of my dad. I was at the end of grade five, which was probably a bad time to move, and I was having a hard time adjusting to the work.

My brother went to the same school, same building, and kept to himself, he spent most of his free time on the computer, I didn't know what he was doing, I while shy like him, did like to go out and have fun. I was just having a hard time making friends, and having a hard time to remember now but my dad's death probably had a role in that.

It was my first year there, in fact my first day, as I stood there looking around the hallways and classrooms at all the kids laughing and the teachers drinking their coffee that I met Mike.

He was in the same class as me; you in this school at that grade each class of students would have one teacher to teach them all subjects. We'd all stay in the same classroom, except when lunch came we would go out to the lunchroom and eat, and then get about 45 minutes of recess, if it wasn't too cold that is.

Mike approached me my first day there, after lunch out in the play area, as I stood in the corner watching the kids play basketball, or try to as the hoops were much too high. "Wanna play?" he asked passing me a ball.

"Sure." I smiled. We played on one of the unused hoops, and after school hung out getting to know each other. Over the next few weeks, we became...