Prisoners of War - Chapter 19

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Anthony smiled as he tried different ways of combing his hair, sitting in front of the sink in the small bathroom. He was actually excited looking in the mirror finally satisfied with the way he combed it evenly on each side, curling up a bit around his ears.

He went back into the guest room down the hall that he was staying in, taking a glance at all the family photos that hung along the walls in between doors and heading downstairs. He pulled out the bag three joint remaining and took one out. He folded the bag up and put it in his pocket and went into the small backyard lighting the joint.

He shivered walking over the grass, sitting on a small rocking wooden bench. He looked up at the stars as he smoked, hoping Mrs. Conner wouldn't be angry that he went out. He wrote a note after he finished smoking, trying his best not to write sloppy, and as he finished heard the bell of the toaster oven.

He smiled remembering the Bagel Bites he had put in before taking a shower and his mouth watered just thinking about it. He grabbed a paper plate and carefully took them out, sprinkling some salt on them and began to eat. The taste was beyond anything he could possibly describe, and finally the taste buds he had since he was born were finally being put to use.

He jumped hearing the phone ring and stood up wobbly and answered. "Hello?"

"Anthony?" It was Donna.

"Yea, hey. What time are you coming?"

She laughed. "We're here now, right out front."

"Oh ****, I'm coming." Anthony could hear her laughing as he hung up and popped the last few Bagel Bites in his mouth. He threw the plate into...