Prisoners of War - Chapter 20

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"Anthony, get up!" Anthony groaned, Mrs. Conner shoving him awake. "I told you not to go out last night."

"I'm up!" He screamed sitting up and rubbing his head. "Don't yell please." His voice was scratchy hung over, he woke up like this Saturday morning too, having to fight with her about where he was all night Friday. They fought and he ended up going out and doing the same thing Sunday night.

"Get dressed." She said. "And take a shower, you stink."

Anthony nodded groaning and getting out of bed. He strained his brain to remember what happened last night, hell any part of yesterday at all, but couldn't. He did know that this hangover was killing him, and he didn't have any weed to make it go away.

The last thing he remembered was going out again last night, to Rachel's house, he couldn't get any weed, and money was out of the question due to the constant fighting between him and Mrs.

Conner, but they let him have some of theirs.

Again he remembered Donna and him kissing in flashes, little specks popping in and out of the corner of his eye. He really liked her, he wanted to go online now and see if they could hang out later, but knew he couldn't, she'd be back to take him to court in a few minutes.

He sighed searching through his pants for any weed he might have, and came out with the bag of heroin. His heart skipped a beat as he hid it in his hand and ran down the hall to the bathroom.

He licked his lips locking the door and looking at the bag. He could hear Mrs. Conner walking around in her room through the wall and sighed rubbing his head.