Prisoners of War - Chapter 21

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Mike sluggishly opened his eyes looking around the room. It was small and white, with one window on his left, and a curtain on the right. His vision was too blurry to see much farther then the bed he laid on, and confusion filled his head and at first he thought he was dead since everything was so peaceful and serene.

Not a thought was on his mind, he didn't notice the tubes running in and out of his arms, or the stickers for his heart monitor stuck to his chest, not even the stab wound in his back.

Eventually a nurse came in, and changed the water dripping into his left arm. He tried to figure out what happened but couldn't be bothered to ask any questions. Only when the pain started seeping through the drugs did he start ringing a buzzer that he saw laying on his shoulder.

"What is it?" The nurse asked.

Mike started to complain about his back, but it kept getting worse, and as he was forced back to reality a wave of nausea hit him, the only thing coming out a moan. The nurse walked out of sight for a few moments and Mike saw her come back with a small needle and bottle of clear liquid.

She filled up the syringe, squirted out a little, and then injected it into a small section of the IV. Suddenly the nausea and pain vanished once again from Mike's body, and just when his head started to clear enough to try and figure out what happened, he was sent off into another world again.

"Get some sleep." The nurse said, Mike not even hearing her.

*** *** ***

Anthony shook in his bed, curled up in a ball coughing. After getting back from the trial...