Prisoners of War - Chapter 24

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Melissa moaned opening her eyes and looking around. She was in a large room, mostly empty with a small door behind her, and another leading to a hall to her left. She sat in a small wooden chair, and her hands were tied together behind her with a rough rope that hurt her wrists as she tried to move.

"Ah, so your awake." She held up her head to see a large man walking in front of her smiling, he took a small stool from the corner and dragged it across the room until he was in front of her and sat down. "You were out for quite a while." He spoke with a heavy Italian accent and had a small mustache on his lean face.

His body seemed to be very muscular and Melissa looked around the rest of the room to see a few others walking back and forth with guns visible.

"Who are you?" She said finally.

The man laughed. "Where are my manners...Tony, Tony Galliano."

Melissa swallowed hard; the fact that he gave her his name so easily was unsettling to her. "You kidnap me then give me your name so willingly?"

Tony laughed. "Yes of course, and for a number of reasons. First is the fact that I already know your name Miss O'Reily, or may I call you Melissa?"

She sighed but didn't respond. He shrugged and continued, "Second is that I'm a business man, and as such since I already know so much about you, you deserve to know at least my name, since we will be going into business and all."

"What?" Melissa shook her head as if trying to wake up from a bad dream. "This can't be happening."

"Oh but it is Melissa, but please let me finish.