Prisoners of War - Chapter 28

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Going to the bathroom isn't the easiest thing to do in prison, especially if you are shy. While I'm not a particularly shy person, it still is difficult for me to go with all these people walking back and forth through the hall.

I finished as quickly as I could and left my room, heading back down to the TV. I had spent another day working; although I didn't do much work so much as sit there high on heroin. Luckily the guards didn't watch me too long; they just walked through the room every ten or twenty minutes to make sure we were behaving.

After that and another lunch that I forced down just for the sake of having food in my stomach I finished off the rest of the heroin and relaxed, which was a strange thing to do in this place. I still was a little high, but could feel it wearing off as I sat down again as far away from everyone else as I could.

"O'Reily, right?" I was snapped out of my trance and turned around to see McKensie, the guy who served the meals standing behind me. I just nodded. "Come with me."

I didn't dare talk back to him, sluggishly getting back up and following him down the hall. Ralph came out of a cell as we passed and came up to me. "Hey O'Reily, how was last night?" He said starting to walk with me.

"Uh...good." I said nervously glancing at McKensie's back. He glanced back at us, looking Ralph up and down.

"What's going on?" Ralph whispered.

I shrugged. "Don't know."

We got to the last table in the hall, and I motioned for Ralph to go, but he didn't pick up on it. There were four people sitting...