Prisoners of War - Chapter 35

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I got up, holding my side, and checked outside. Screaming prisoners ran past as I pulled back inside to avoid getting hit. I stepped out totally this time, just in time to see an explosion at the end of the cell block.

Cheers followed and the prisoners worked together to open the gate and rush out. "C'mon man, time to have some fun!"

A burning roll of toilet paper rolled passed me as I clutched my stomach. I really didn't feel like having any least not without any heroin. I strained my brain trying to think of where I could get it right now, but knew I couldn't just go around asking people for it...not now.

Some guy ran screaming past me as I made my way out into the hall, desperately looking around for someone in my crew who could give me a bump, but unable to. "**** man!" I was bumped into and looked around to recognize Taylor.

"Yo." I said trying to sound as tough as possible.

"Can you believe this ****?" He said laughing.

I just nodded, forcing back a gag as I strained to keep myself upright. "You wouldn't happen to have an extra bump would you?"

He looked me up and down. "You need a bump? You've become like the biggest dealer in here...surprised most of us."

"I know, but I'm out now!" I said angrily. It occurred to me that being the biggest drug dealer in the cell block-which is what I order to keep my reputation and my protection while going around begging for drugs probably wouldn't be the best idea if I did in fact want to keep said reputation.

"Sorry O'Reily...can't help you out." He said smiling and padding his pockets.

I saw the cocky look he was...