Prisoners of War - Chapter 36

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Frank hopped out of the small car and ran down opening the back door. Tony climbed out slipping off a pair of sunglasses and looking at the sunrise as his cell phone rang. "Yea?"

Frank closed the door and banged on the hood, the car driving away and went to talk with the guard at the door. "Everything went well." The voice on the phone said.

"Good." Tony hung up the phone and turned to Frank. "Well we won't have to worry about the kid anymore." Frank just smiled.

*** *** ***

My eyes opened hearing a fight break out. My stomach pain came right back and I wondered how much sleep I had gotten. I groaned and got up, watching the two fight with each other, other prisoners running over and pulling them off of each other.

"You finally up huh?" McKensie said walking over to me handing out a cigarette.

"Yea...I guess."

He laughed, lighting the cigarette. "Well don't spend all day sleeping, who knows what tomorrow will be like." He patted my back making me nauseous and walked away. I lay on the floor in the auditorium, a room usually used when the warden had some news from a new law or new rule or something, but now it was our main home.

All the chairs were taken out, most of them used with most other small object that was found yesterday to make piles of garbage at the door, the best barricade we could make. We did as we planned, making sure every exit on the first floor, even the stairs up were blocked off.

Any supplies that we could find, mostly snacks and food around the prison and in the staff break room were brought here, as well as the refrigerators from the offices.