The Pritans in America

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All throughout the fifteen and sixteen hundreds many groups of people from Europe rushed to colonize the new found land across the Atlantic Ocean. The rush of these groups brought over many different types of people with different goals in there immigration to America. One of these groups was the puritans. They had come to America because they were unhappy with the religious state of the church back in England. Striving to create a society that would be envied by the leaders back in England the puritans developed their "model society". Even through all of the struggles that they endured to create their society their aspirations to make it a model were never fulfilled. In the first case, of the puritan colonies began without a starving time because of the lessons that they learned from the poor model societies that came before them. Next the persecution of the old world, which many of the religious groups sought to leave behind, continued even in the new one.

Finally, the new world societies that were formed by the puritans lacked stability, as it can be seen in the proceedings in the Salem witch trials. When the facts about the puritan colonies are examined carefully it can be clearly seen that although their intents were good the puritan colonies never really created their "model society".

When the puritans came to the new world they had no intent of staying. They only wanted to create a society that would be envied by the leaders back in England so that the puritans world be invited back to reshape the Church of England. The colonists even got off to a good start. The ships that the puritans came over on were stocked with all of the food that they needed to start a colony. Also...