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Identify the privacy issues presented in this scenario?

When emailing a new offering to prospective customers, it is critical to ensure that, the recipient addresses are put only in the "BCC" header (blind carbon copy) and not in the "To" or "CC " headers. This is extremely sensitive as Mark has exposed the email id of his high net worth clients on the distribution list. Mark should have been careful in ensuring he does not reveal his customer's email addresses to each other and keep everyone anonymous.

Email marketing can be a powerful tool, allowing large financial institutions to reach to their prospective customers with minimum of time and cost. However Mark has demonstrated sheer carelessness on his part and has failed to comply with the legal obligations and guidelines in treating his customer's personal information with caution. It is important for marketers to ensure that they are ahead of the curve in protecting consumer privacy and data protection as per the stated guidelines.

The sales team should be committed to ethical guidelines as a key part of their business dealing and obligations.

The privacy issues presented in this scenario are:

Accountability: Mark was accountable and responsible to protect his customer's personal information and treating it with utmost caution. As a sales person, he is accountable to ensure that his client data is not shared with anyone on the email as it is not a secured and safe mode of transmitting data.

Consent: Mark failed to obtain his prospective client's consent before circulating the product offering to his clients. When email is used as a medium to market new product offerings to the prospective clients, the most important principle / guideline to follow is Consent. We can send marketing emails to our prospective customers only if they have...