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Would someone's foraging your garbage for pieces of your information and fumbling your mailbox, a nuisance to you? What about someone going through your bag and wallet for a quick look? How about someone tailing you wherever you go, just like Web sites which keeps track of your every move and walk off with your personal information and use it as merchandise for business without your permission or any concern of invading into your privacy.

Since Internet begins, privacy issues are growing concerns for online users and the problem became more severe each day.

As adults and children, all of us face a new area of danger from the Internet. A list of some of the dangers children and adults routinely encounter on the Internet that may or may not lead to loss of privacy:

* pedophiles

* online dating and cybersex

* hate groups

* pornography

* incorrect information

* hoaxes

* threats

* viruses and other malicious self-replicating code

* junk e-mail

* chain letters and Ponzi schemes

* get-rich-quick schemes

* Nigerian 4-1-9 scam

* stolen software

* stolen music and video

* plagiarism

* criminal hackers & hacktivists

* online auctions

* online gambling

* buying on the Web

* games

* spyware and scumware

* addiction

* theft of identity.

Protection for myself

Every site I ever visited other than those sites access on behalf of the company, knows nothing about me or my preferences. Oops, except one - the only that had began my phobia of revealing my real personal information and shopping online with my credit card.

To be honest, I did all these deliberately. I am really sick and tired of receiving spams, I have registered up to six free email accounts. One for work, second for friends and relatives, third...