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Thesis and outline

Ashley Taste

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July 21, 2014

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Thesis and outline

Thesis Statement: Every parent has a need for their child to be in the best learning environment possible. With that being said, should every parent enroll their child into private school where the chances of obtaining a more well-rounded education is greater? On the other hand, the dress code policy is usually more lenient in public schools. Doesn't this leniency help create a space for freedom of expression, individuality, spirit, and personality? Throughout this paper, I will compare and contrast both public and private schools as it relates to Safety, tuition, and student success. By the end of this paper, I will have aimed to identify the similarities and differences of a private school and public school setting.

Violence in public and private schools is a top priority for administrators and teachers. The highly-publicized shootings and other acts of violence that have taken place in public schools have resulted in the application of stringent rules and security measures such as metal detectors to help create and maintain a safe learning environment. Private schools are safe places. Access to campuses and buildings is carefully monitored and controlled. Because schools usually have fewer students than a public school, it is easier to supervise the school population. But both schools push to provide a safe environment for students and teachers. On the other hand, parents who are capable of paying a higher amount of money for school go to private schools. They say that private schools provide their students a quality education. The tuition fee may...