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Assignment # 3

As discussed in the chapter, PRIZM is one of the leading life style segmentation systems. Go to and review the 67 Prizm clusters. Which cluster would each of the following retailers most likely target?




You are a product manager of IGI Financial Services Pakistan product "I-Trade" that is being sold directly to consumers over the internet. The most important measure to the company is customer acquisition cost because associated with convincing to buy the services. You have been conducting tests with both a concentrated and undifferentiated segmentation strategy and the results are presented here. Which strategy is the best? Why?

Form a small group and create an idea for a new reality television show in Pakistan. What competitor's advantage does this show have over existing shows? How many and which difference would you promote? Develop a positioning statement for this television show.

Using the six qualities that a good brand name should possess, create a brand name for a personal care product that has the following positioning statement: "Intended for X-games sports participants and enthusiasts, _________ is a deodorant that combines effective odour protection with an enduring and seductive fragrance that will enhance your romantic perfumes."

You are the marketing director Cambridge, Islamabad that holds 45% of the men's 18 - 29 years old segment. Using the four brand development strategies discussed in the chapter. Give examples of products you could add to your brand.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre has been a leading hospital providing care for cancer patients and their families. Describer how the services profit chain is essential for this organization's success.

Form a small group. Generate ideas for a new consumer product that fills an existing need but does not currently exist. Select the one idea...