Prized possessions

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Jasmine Bailey

Ms. Zahner

English 11 Block 7

9 January 2014

Prized Possessions

In the book, Night, many people going through the horrible tragedy called the Holocaust. During this time many Jewish people lost their true identity. The Jewish were beaten and told what to do, pushed around, and were never able to speak for themselves; that was done for them. Many people today have hobbies, interest, talents, likes and dislikes that make us who we are. When someone suddenly does not have things to love, interest, like or dislike the elements that make up a person are gone, the characteristics used to make up a person are lost. My hobbies, likes and dislikes, interest and values make up my identity. When things are given to me from people that I love, I tend to value it, and it means a lot. Sentimental things that I own make me who I am, as well as many other things.

If my identity were to be taken away from me I would be a blank person, someone who went along with everything and was pushed around on a Daily basis; much like the characters in Night. Though many people think that some small things like, people, gifts and achievements do not make up their full identity, it is true. There are three items that have had a part in who I am today; my sister, a gift, and a golf medal. Much like in Elie's life in the book Night, his father meant a lot to him, just like my sister to me Elie most likely would not be the same person if his dad was not in his life.

There is a photo of me and my little sister, Alexis when we were younger which is always...