Pro- Animal Experimentation Speech

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Persuasive Speech

Can you imagine a world where children still contracted polio, diabetics didn't have insulin, there were no antibiotics for pneumonia, and no chemotherapy? �Can you imagine doctors still didn't know how to perform surgery for heart diseases, organ transplants or joint replacements? (Murray) Can you imagine� how short human life spans would be? (Lankford) That's how human life would be if there were no animal experimentation. In our world there are harmful diseases, life threatening illnesses and chronic sicknesses.� In my opinion, animal experimentation should continue because working on animals is safer, faster, and smarter� then working on humans and it can be beneficial to research of cures to serious illnesses. Many serious illnesses.�

Animal experimentation should continue because there are many similarities between the physiology of animals and humans. Animal experimentation helps scientists discover better treatments for diseases and making sure that drugs are safe. Animal experimentation is supported by the medical field� because it has helped with many innovations such as vaccines, pace makers and organ transplants.

Animal experimentation plays an important role because it continues to help improve human heath and life extensiveness.� I think most people would rather risk animals lives to extend their owns, especially animals that could possibly be over populating. There are also doctors like Dr. Pasteur (a French chemist) who went through an intense investigation that mainly relied on animal experimentation to find the causes of infectious diseases and vaccines for them. � He found cures to diphtheria and tetanus and rabies and whooping cough and tuberculosis and poliomyelitis and measles and mumps and rubella.� (Botting and Morrison)

Obviously there are people who are against animal experimentation and might bring up things like people only continue animal experimentation because science has relied on it for so long and...