Pro China Three Dams Project- political POV

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Our contention is that the Three Gorges Dam project will benefit the people of the country as well as increase China's economic input into the global economy. The Three George Dam project will have a storage capacity of 22.15 billion cubic metres, with ample storage for excess water during floods. Because of the water being stored in the dam, clean water will be available for all areas of the country, including drought-stricken areas which often do not get near enough water for survival. This creates better living opportunities for millions of people. The work involved in constructing and maintaining the dam, as well as the many more crops that can be harvested thanks to the increase in obtainable water, many more jobs will be available.

Although many say that the dam will far exceed the official cost estimate, and that the money spent will never be recovered, the dam is actually within budget.

The dam will also generate 1768 megawatts, producing 84.7 billion kilowatt hours per year. This hydroelectric power is relatively cheap and is cleaner than coal burning, so greenhouse gases will be reduced as well. This means that more power, one-ninth of all China's power, will be available locally, for new industry and towns, and that the electricity created will eventually pay for itself. The rapid waters of the Yangtze will be calmed down when the lock system is installed, making shipping faster, cheaper and safer, increasing prosperity.

The dam will also have a positive effect both nationally and internationally. For example, internal trade from Chongqing to Shanghai will increase, which will also increase profitability. Products like coal, oil, silk and agricultural products can be shipped from southwest China to Shanghai and the world, which would amplify China's standing in the global economy. As the world's biggest dam,