Pro-Choice: The Only Fair Position ; A reaction paper supporting a woman's right to pro-choice in the case of abortion

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Pro-Choice: The Only Fair Position

Abortion is a very controversial topic in society today. There are two main groups in this controversy, advocates for pro-choice and the pro-life supporters. Each side has many arguments for their case. The pro-life supporters maintain that abortion is murder due to taking the would-be life of a child. On the other hand, abortion is needed in some circumstances to make life better for everyone associated. Also, every person should be allowed to have complete control over their own body, including women who want abortions. Last, if society outlaws abortion it isn't going to go away. Therefore, pro-choice is the only fair and logical stance in the topic of abortion.

First and foremost, a woman has complete control over her body. While abortion should not be used as a form of birth control, a female deserves to make a choice on being pregnant. There are many factors that play into being ready for a child.

If a female is not ready emotionally, physically, or even financially, she should be able to decide that this is not the environment she wishes to have a child in. This is not only going to be better for the mother but it also keeps the unborn child from possibly living a less fortunate life.

The unfortunate life can come from many issues. One main problem that we have in today's society is teenage pregnancy. A large majority of these teenage births have resulted in the killing of the child. It is known that there is a high percentage of newborns from teenage females that end up in a dumpster or drowning in a toilet. Many times, abortion has saved lives of unborn children because their teenage mother didn't have to face the panic of giving birth with no...