The Pro-Choice social movement

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Social movements are an enduring force throughout history. Even today we face choices of whether to align ourselves with movements that build towards more freedom or more control. Abortion is one of the most controversial and hotly debated topics of this day and age. The reason for this surrounds the idea of whether the induced expulsion of the fetus is murder or rather in the interest of the mother. Pro-life activists debate that all life in the instant of its conception is innocent and deserves a chance at life. God chooses its time of life and death, not the mother. Pro-choice followers often argue in favor of science and the United States Constitutional Ninth Amendment, which holds freedom of choice sacred.

The Pro-choice movement is a multi-faceted movement that is for resisting change of the Pro life movement. Unlike other social movements, the Pro-Choice movement has maintained its power even after apparent victory was achieved.

Due to this, the abortion argument continues today and will probably continue into this century and beyond. The emergence of the Pro-Choice movement did not occur via the usual social movement routes. Most social movements emerge from within established institutions, with support from elites, or with origins that involved professional movement organizers. The early Pro-Choice movement, however, emerged as a collection of concerned physicians and professionals who wanted to help legalize abortion and keep it safe. In the 1950s and 1960s several published articles appeared that suggested needed reforms to the abortion laws and this began public attention on this issue. Later this led into Roe vs. Wade, the supreme court case that made it clear that you have the choice to have an abortion or not.

The participants for this kind of movement are people of all race and class, abortion as an...