Pro-Life; Anti Abortion

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The founding of an entire nation was forged on the

principle that all men are created equal under the law.

This is the essence of our Declaration of Independence and

the philosophy behind the Constitution. We, throughout

history, have made certain that ALL people in this country

are equal before the law. We have declared that there is no

such thing as sub-humans -- and that NO human being's

rights are superior to another human being.

If we want to live by the premises that we set up in this

country, then we cannot overlook ANY human being -- NO ONE

can be excluded. Unfortunately, there are, however, human

beings that are being ignored and are not protected. These

are labeled as the fetus.

The group that calls itself "Pro-Choice", believes that a

human being is considered alive when, and only when it has

fully developed and is fully grown.

If this definition is

true, then most of us never reach the stage of being

"alive" and therefore can be killed. Since the human specie

is only fully grown at adulthood, therefore, by that

definition it wouldn't matter if a baby were shot and

killed on the street. Throughout life, human beings go

through various stages of development ; the baby becomes

the little child, who then becomes the teenager, and then

grows up to become the adult. From the moment of

conception, the human being passes from one stage of

development to the next..

The Pro-Choice group argues that an unborn child does not

resemble what is called "alive" and cannot feel pain. The

question then arises of whether or not an unborn child can

feel pain? If it can, then does that not resemble life? If

one accepts that an unborn child is not an eating,

breathing, moving,