Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

Essay by thebiggestcheater November 2006

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Abortion has become a major issue in the United States. Various groups define abortion terms differently. Most pro-life and conservation Christians follow more moral issues and meanings. Supporters who are pro-choice follow more medical issues. In my opinion, I do not think that it should be left up to the government to decide whether a woman can have one or not. I for one believe that abortion is about the legal rights of women. It is the right a woman has over her own body and the privacy she chooses to keep upon it. There are many reasons to whether abortion should be legal or not. I feel that if a woman chooses to get an abortion that is a decision she makes.

There are many issues of fetal rights that relate to whether a woman should be able to request an abortion. But in many situations the balance of rights is important.

Some people believe that having an abortion is violating the fetus's human rights. The definition of a human person is any form of human life that is considered a human, and thereby has civil rights, including the right to life. There are many arguments to whether a zygote, embryo, or fetus is a human person. There are also many different opinions about the stage at which the fetus becomes a human. Some believe it is a human the moment of conception, and others believe it is not human until later.

I believe that the fetus does not become a human being until later on in the cycle of pregnancy. The moment after conception, the fetus is just simply a cell. It has no heartbeat and it cannot breathe on its own. Therefore, in my opinion, the woman is not violating the human rights of her unborn...