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Should abortion be legal? That is a question many Americans face almost daily. It is a very controversial subject in our society today. Some believe it should be, people who are pro-choice, while others absolutely say no, people who are pro-life.

Whether you think it is right or wrong it does happen. It is a decision women deal with, and is a personal decision with her and her physician.

First there are a lot of facts that are needed to know about abortion. In the United States, women chose to end twenty five percent of their pregnancies through abortion. Thankfully the number has been declining since 1979. But it reached its all time high in 1984 at 36.4 abortions for every 100 live births. Worldwide about 46 million women have abortions(Sagan, Chapter 15).

Eighty percent of women having them were over the age of eighteen, the rate of teen age abortions have dropped slightly in the past ten years.

Seventy eight percent of women who are having them are unmarried which is a big reason why they are having them(Robinson).

There are different procedures that women have a choice to choose from. First, there is the suction technique which is either by manual vacuum aspiration or by surgery that is ninety eight percent of how all abortions are done. There is also the intrauterine saline or prostaglandin installation and also the hysterectomy procedure(Robinson).

Another way that is recently new to the abortion scene, is the emergency contraception, or also called "the morning after pill."� If taken with in seventy two hours of unprotected sex it can prevent pregnancy from occurring. It has a seventy four percent effective rate.

There are two general views on abortion. People who are pro-life and others pro-choice. Fifty percent of adults identify themselves as...