The Pro's and the Con's of Women Serving in Combat

Essay by SueWaggoner February 2004

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Sue Waggoner

Professor Keene

English 1302

16 September 2003

The Pro's and the Con's of Women Serving in Combat

Whether or not women should be allowed in combat is a question that rests in the minds of many Americans today. Although women are allowed to serve in the military they are still not allowed to serve in combat; why is that? Is it because today women are still not viewed as equal adversaries? These days and times, what exactly is combat? Is it still the same bloody battle that existed even only a hundred years ago? How could it be, with new technology constantly changing the way in which we fight? Combat, as a dictionary term, is described as "to oppose in battle or to fight against, to engage in fighting, contend or struggle" (Abate). In this case should women be allowed to fight for what they believe in or not?

The move to allow women in combat has been met with great opposition.

Different organizations designed to obstruct the advancement of women in combat state that allowing women in combat will hinder the efficiency of the military to get the job done quickly (Jacinto). However, the idea of women serving in combat is not that absurd anymore. In the early 1900's it would have seemed absurd to allow minorities to serve together in the same unit (O'Beirne). Just like in the early 1970's it would have sounded absurd to allow women to serve in supporting combat roles in the military (Coppola). As times advance so does society, allowing trends to change, which in turn affect our beliefs and views.

Although many females are not eager to go into combat, there are women who can and want to do the job. Women are currently dying in war even though they...