Pro-Suicide Essay

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Whose Life is it, Anyway?

"Hi, my name is David, and my life is so messed up. I mean, parents are keeping on nagging and nitpicking. My girlfriend dumped me without a reason, and all of my best friends called me a loser and left. In school I am having straight D's. I feel hopeless. There is no way out. Maybe I should commit suicide."-- Anonymous

I'm about to take up a position which is going to be cursed by some, if not all, this is still a terrible stand to take. To tell the truth, if anyone agrees with me on this subject, I'd definitely be surprised. As you can see, rather than arguing form the position of suicide being an unjustified and insane way to die, I shall argue the other point, that is, commit suicide does have its benefits.

Before you people start screaming, hear my speech first.

Most people live on this planet argue that nothing justifies the taking of someone's life. Yet what makes life so valuable? What do people hold on to it so? All we consist of is a bunch of carbon atoms, bounded together to form the nucleus, organ systems, and tissue. If you approach this topic this way, there really is not much to life. Out of the five billion who inhabit on earth, only a small portion became and will become called the pillar of the world. The rest of the population will just lead a plain life and finish it unnoticeably.

Taking ones life can be argued from a populistic view as well, if there is really a word like populistic. It makes little sense to save life in an over populated world. True, one less person here or there will not make a large difference. Yet if...