Proactiv Solutions: The problem with Acne and Research

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Business Project Proposal(Abstract)The following paragraphs will discuss the problem with acne and how by removing acne from a person's life can increase self esteem. Value statements and the background of acne will be provided along with the research purpose and objectives.

Problem overstatement's works and has a causal relationship between using the product and improving people's lives. Research will be performed to find out how beneficial Proactiv has been and to what extent people's lives have improved socially, emotionally, and psychologically.

Value statement social, emotional and psychological benefits are believed to be the benefits from using Proactive Solutions. Jessica Simpson, a highly recognized pop star is an avid user of Proactiv. Proactiv uses a psychological pricing approach, which is any tactic that uses price to create an appealing perception of the product in the mind of the customer by using emotional appeal. Sales psychology and the politics of customer decisions will play an important part in this business proposal.

The product is a need to many who suffer from psychological pressures such as bad skin. Customers are never persuaded to talk about their psychological pressures, however, these unspoken customer requirements help formulate their decision to purchase our products.

For those who suffer from acne, it is a daily battle with inadequate results. It is a constant reminder every time they look in the mirror. Acne diminishes self-esteem and causes embarrassment to those in this situation. After trying so many products, and investing so much time and money into ineffective products, Proactiv's extensive line including the Pimple Pacifier is the perfect solution for the problem. Let's face it; if this product works for you as it has for thousands, it is a dream come true. Acne sufferers dream about that day when they can wake up with flawlessly clear skin.