Probability Distribution in Research Simulation

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Amanda works for a company name Aquine and she recently restored the advertising strategy and selected Krysten as the board spokesperson. Krysen was known for winning all the races and was very popular. Amanda knew that she made the right choice for selecting Krysten. She decided to check the difference in Aquins sales figures before and after Krysten selection.

Howard Grey, the CEO of Aquin, realized that the market share for Aquin was all time low of 5 percent. He also knew that the board of directors where foing to request a comprehensive report on the division at the meeting scheduled for the next quarter. Jean DeBua was the vice president of the mechanical watch division, Uma Gardener was the vice president of production and Amanda Hamilton was the vice president of marketing. An urgent meeting was necessary with all of these important people.

Howard Grey set a meeting for September 1st with Jean, Uma, and Amanda in order to see a research report in regard to the drop in sales.

In Jean's opinion, the advertising of the products isn't enough and effective. Amanda believes that the amount of the watches isn't the purpose for the falling of sales. As a new employee in Aquine, I have been assigned to take the task of researching the situations and accumulating all data and information by September 1st to figure out the failing of sales.

In my Scenario One Howard Grey has agreed to use $20,000 for data collection and since I only have on3 month to complete this phase, I have to research and make decisions quickly and accurately. I chose the following as my decisions:•Perception about Chronometers $7,000•Response to Advertising $7,500•Mechanical Watch Industry Data $5,500For the Processes for Further Investigation, I chose the following:•Certification Procedures•Advertising StrategiesThis was a good...