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Problem Analysis Paper

How the Problem Became Self-Evident

Joe Donaldson's customer service issue has been an ongoing escalating problem. The source of this problem stems from several different avenues. The first big issue is the lack of communication between the different departments. Time Navy, Inc. has done a great job of setting up each department to handle a situation quick and efficiently. Normal the departments have had virtually no reason to communicate with each other till late. The boards of directors were completely changed out and with that came entirely new and seemingly improved ways to conduct business. This news changed required a new form of communication between departments that no one was properly prepared for. Because most everyone had a simple job description, it was somewhat easy to know where to go to handle a certain situation. The change was taken well by all, except for by Joe. His job was assumed and the executives did not take into consideration the impact this change could have on all departments.

When this major change occurred, the contract for the outsourcing of the software and local terminal problems was terminated. Because it was assumed that Donaldson was a paid employee that worked on computers they saw no need to pay another person to do the same job. The changed reached Donaldson with little excitement. This brings us to the problem at hand; he has sent many memos asking for his job duties to be documented with little response. Most come back with a promise of handling this situation after the adjustment of the board members has been finalized. Mean while he tries to handle all trouble calls that come into his office to the best of his ability, usually with positive results. The latest incident has caused much trouble for Joe.