Problem Analysis and Decision Making

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Problem Analysis and Decision-Making Technique Paper


November 16, 2006


Problem Analysis and Decision-Making Technique Paper

Cingular Wireless, the world's largest telecommunication company, faces many issues ranging form low employee morale, management support, and poor customer service. The problems with Cingular Wireless are shared by a large number of the employees including, Angela a team member of the Marvelous Managers. Although the pay and benefits are above average, the employees' morale is at an all time low. This paper will list and analyze three alternatives and form the three alternatives choose the best solution and identify three influence of that choice.

The first alternative solution addressed by the Marvelous Managers for Cingular Wireless is implementing new and persuasive ideas to reach all immediate supervisors and managers at the upper management to explore the company's options as suggested. While analyzing Cingular's current issues throughout each individual work center, it is noticeable that there is no co-operation around the entire workplace; such issues affect customers as well as employees.

These issues create a major impact on their productivity as a communication industry, and their ability to maintain a satisfactory performance level. Although, to show improvement the preferred solution would suggest to create some type rotation at the management level in order to give everyone the opportunity to make a difference through his or her management skills. Since Cingular became one of the most successful communications industry on the market; therefore, it is extremely important to use applicable sources to rotate their management team in a timely manner if they are not producing good quality of work. In this case, preventive actions should take place, but as soon as possible because management may be losing total control of the workplace gradually. Practically, a company like Cingular does...