Problem Analysis Final Project: Implementation and Evaluation Plan.

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Description of the Original Problem.

Currently, Mexico Curios Corporation has been selling Mexican handmade curiosities for more than 12 years in Nogales Sonora Mexico. Probably, most of Mexico Curios Corporation's customers are retired Americans looking for colorful decorations items for their homes. Indeed, the first eight years Mexico Curios success was outstanding because cash flow kept doubling every year. Consequently, the management kept hiring employees, renting better facilities, and buying more merchandise. At present time, the situation has changed dramatically. Absolutely, Mexico Curios Corporation's financial condition has deteriorated severely in the last four years. Therefore, the possibility of personnel dismissals continues to grow as time passes by.

Unquestionably, the U. S. and world economy are responsible for a situation in which the majority of the American families suffer from work insecurity and lack of money. In addition, globalization of world economy continues to increase Mexico Curios Corporation's foreign competition from numerous Asiatic countries.

As a result, the organization has experienced a continued decline in customers, and this condition will keep deteriorating with the continual augment of Asiatic merchandise.

Therefore, a rapid creative solution must be found by Mexico Curios management because if the situation does not improve immediately, Mexico Curios Organization will close its doors and will declare bankruptcy.

Framing of the problem and three alternative solutions.

In order to frame the problem, the issue was carefully analyzed following Dr. Edward de Bono's decision-making technique (Manktelow, 2003) "Six Thinking Hats System". Truly, Mexico Curios Corporation's objective is to enhance customer flow, and this technique was very helpful because we could approach the problem from six different viewpoints.

Likewise, brainstorming is another excellent tool that works by focusing on a problem and finding a variety of radical solutions (McDowell, 1999). Indeed, brainstorming is a very creative...