Problem Formulation and Identification

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Problem Formulation and Identification Paper

Sanjeet K. Singh, Arianda Rodriguez, Bhavika Khatri

University of Phoenix

Critical Thinking and Strategic Decision Making


Becky Shokraii

May 22, 2008



Problem Formulation and Identification Paper

Organizations literally live and die by their ability to solve challenges that rise up on a continual basis. While many problems are simply remedied on the move, many can become complex and difficult to even define. Companies that do not properly define the issues they are dealing with can quickly find themselves applying patches to symptoms of much larger problems. Each company is unique in its approach on how the company makes decisions, but this disparity does not diminish the effectiveness once implemented. In the following paper, Arianda, Bhavika and Sanjeet demonstrate how different organizations go through the decision making process and the different decision making style that the organization that she is or was employed for executes

Leaders know that organizations must do two things to survive and prosper.

First, organizations must satisfy a need or they have no reason to exist. Second, organizations must be able to change or they will be surpassed (Robert E. Cannon, 2008). As Arianda went over Robert E. Cannon articles, on how to make decisions in the work environment she realize that in her everyday life she is constantly using decision making processes that are for the best interest for her company. Arianda works in a medium size grocery store, where she is constantly making important decisions.

For example, one of the decisions Arianda makes in her company occurs when when making grocery orders. The style Arianda uses through the process of making the decision when ordering grocery is using the democratic...