Problem Formulation and Identification

Essay by kayp November 2008

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Different organizations have different styles and different decision-making techniques and processes. Each is different but can be effective. In the following paper the team will demonstrate how different organizations go through the decision-making process and the different decision-making styles within the organization that he or she is currently employed. This team will also provide the comparison and contrast of each described decision-making style such as consensus, autocratic-participative, collective-participative and consultative styles. By briefly discussing the strengths and weaknesses found in each style a picture will be painted on how a problem can be identified and described to a stakeholder.

ConsensusThe most prevalent way of decision-making in George's organization is consensus. This way of thinking only occurs during the signing deadlines. This is the process when there are players that teams are looking at, called free agents. The organization has to make a decision on whether or not to sign the player or take the chance of letting another team get the player.

Everyone has to agree on the player, but ultimately the person held responsible for the players development is the manager he is assigned. All managers and high office personnel gather around and put the players names on a board, then the coaches make a decision on signing them or not. Once this decision is made then the decision on what level to put the players to practice takes place. This means triple AAA, double AA, or single A. With everyone coming together and agreeing upon the level the player will play, they all have an idea of what to expect from the player and what kind of athletic level he is at. The disadvantage to this type of decision-making appears when people involved cannot agree upon the decision pertaining to a player. Although, there are some issues that...