Problem Formulation and Identification

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Problem Formulation and Identification

Monique Cone, Frank Ebert, Laverne Joynes, Mona Wilson


May 31, 2010

Edward Dempsey


Problem Formulation and Identification

The members of team D have collaborated to discuss the decision making styles most prevalently used in our respective organizations. The styles discussed include: methodical, logical, collective-participative, rational, and systematic. In this paper the team will compare and contrast the various styles and identify some of their strengths and weaknesses.

Monique- ATT

I work for ATT for five years. I was a customer service rep. and we take care of customer billing, troubleshooting cell phone, open new account, sell cell phones, and issue credits if needed. We are a big company and ATT is worldwide. The decision-making processes most prevalent in this organization are logical and systematic. Logical and systematic have six steps that ATT go by.

The first step is create a good environment; step two is have a good alternatives, step three is exploring these alternatives, step four is pick the best alternatives, step five is double check your decision, and lastly, communicate your decision, and take action (MindTools, 2010).

The stakeholder for ATT call center will be the director. She is the lady that controls everything that goes on in that particular building and make sure everything is running smoothly and going good. She has control over all area managers, regular managers, and employees. I am sure she is under a lot of stress running the call center. It's over 1,000 employees in this call center. We also have area managers as stakeholder. When making final decision in ATT we will need to involve the right people and the call center director and area managers will be the right people. The director...