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What's and How's

Lesson Topic

A Differentiated Problem Posing Lesson

Course of Study Objectives/Student

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn how manipulatives help their math.

Students will learn to express their mathematical thinking.

Students will hear how others came up with their problem solution.

Students will see how 1, 10 and 100's relate.

NCTM Standards Addressed:

Representation Standard- students have opurtunity to represent their mathematical thinking.

Number and Operation Standard- understanding numbers

Alegebra Standard-understanding patterns in numbers.

Problem Solving Standard

ODE Standards Addressed:

Number, Number Sense and Operations Standard

Patterns, Functions and Algebra Standard

Mathematical Processes Standard

Material Needed:

Big Paper with area for kids to work, 3 sheets one per group.

Colored Shapes- 2 big and 2 little of each one (this helps students know which problem and which area on the paper they will be working on).

Math problems written on same color as the shape- and then have shape on paper also

Different Manipulatives- dice, dominoes, bears, unifix cubes, base ten blocks, paper/pencil

Instructional Strategy:

Student Grouping:

Teacher directing

Student by themselves

Students with partners

Date Lesson Taught:


I choose this topic because we are currently discussing character and because the students are giving oral presentations and need to practice expression.


I chose this objective because the students need to see that characters, like people having many qualities and change.

I chose this objective because students need to express themselves in their writing as well as their reading.

I chose this objective because students need to be able to support their opinions with specific details from the story.


I chose to use post-its because it encourages students to get involved with the text and it is fun.

The sheets and books are part of the reading program here.

This strategy is good for students...