Problem Solution: Best Snacks Inc.

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Best Snacks Inc. has set a goal to be a leading contender in the snack food industry and be successful within the next 12 months. In reaching these goals, Best Snacks Inc. is faced with not only major restructuring in how they develop new products for the markets but also the demands of the economy and their clients. Within this restructuring, Best Snacks Inc. has several options and plans in place to make this happen. With Best Snacks Inc. new addition to the management team, Elizabeth Fairchild, Chief Executive Officer, and the action plans that are in place, this goal is not only reachable but it is attainable. In order to be a leading competitive company, Best Snacks Inc. will need to offer new products and services that will be accessible to its markets and consumer customers at any time. Elizabeth Fairchild is determined to not only make Best Snacks a leading contender in the snack food industry, but for the company to be "The first consumer snacks company to make radical innovation and creativity a vital part of the organization's culture" (Scenario: Best Snacks Inc.).

This will allow Best Snacks Inc. to reach the goals they have set for the organization.

Describe the SituationIssue and Opportunity IdentificationBest Snacks Inc. sales are on a steady decline and the stakeholders and Elizabeth Fairchild are looking to change this in order for the company to be able to compete and flourish in the snack food industry. Elizabeth Fairchild is looking to help the management team of Best Snacks Inc. to become more innovative in developing new products for the company in order to be competitive in the snack food industry and hopes of expanding their consumer base and markets while increasing profits. Elizabeth will be meeting with the executive team...