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Please turn on View Mark Up to see my commentsYou show an excellent grasp of the Classic Airlines issues in your final paper. In content, you integrated my week 4 comments into the first 3 sections very well (thanks). In content you demonstrate excellent critical thinking as you build your case here for an excellent decision. Please see the document and grading form for more detailed comments. This is excellent work with outstanding integration of our key course concepts and benchmarking.

Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: CLASSIC AIRLINESProblem Solution: Classic AirlinesUniversity of PhoenixProblem Solution: Classic AirlinesChanges arising from social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory forces produce trends that can dramatically affect a company's marketing strategy. "The process of continually acquiring information on events occurring outside the organization to identify and interpret potential trends is called environmental scanning" (Kerin, Hartley, Berkowitz, & Rudelius, 2006, p. 72). Performing an environmental scan is extremely useful for Classic Airlines to be able to address industry concerns early and to be able to differentiate itself from its fierce competitors.

Successfully using the information provided from an environmental scan is necessary for Classic to achieve growth and a competitive advantage.

Gaining a thorough understanding of customer needs and knowledge of their customer markets and purchasing behaviors are also necessary components for achieving organizational and marketing success. An accurate forecast of current and future customer needs, values, and behaviors allows a company to develop solutions to satisfy these needs and is necessary in the creation of effective marketing strategies and long-term marketing objectives. Accurate forecasting can maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty and increase effectiveness in marketing strategies, both of which contribute to sales growth , competitive strength, and customer loyalty.

Achieving the customer loyalty and competitive advantage that Classic desires first requires understanding and forecasting of...