A problem/solution essay on Animal Testing, and why it is wrong.

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Put a Halt on Animal Testing

Humans to this day find themselves dominant over animals. The world is becoming less aware of the pain and suffering being afflicted on animals. As a result, animals are becoming more and more downtrodden in society. Humans still continue to treat animals as if they are poverty. As if we can own animals and therefore control their lives and what happens to them. I find this very immoral. Animals are here for themselves. Just like humans, they have their own lives, in which they can think, feel, require love, reproduce, and have families. Many people are unaware that humans are biologically classified under the Animal Kingdom. Even though we do differ in external appearance and intelligence, we are animals. Humans see themselves superior to rats, mice, monkeys and other lab animals. According to evolution, we grew from all these animals. Yet we test drugs and products on these relatives.

"More than 205,000 new drugs are marketed worldwide every year, most undergo the most archaic and unreliable testing methods still in use: animal studies" (PETA). Animals may seem like the ideal specimens for testing new drugs, but the experiments are untrustworthy and cause unknown side effects. Animals have helped form useful medicines for humans like anesthesia; they have also helped put dangerous drugs on the market (AMPEF). Animal testing is plainly unnecessary and downright cruel. Testing anything on animals, and putting them at harm, for this animal testing should be outlawed.

If you think that animal testing is an effective way to give humans accurate results on whether a product will harm us or not, well think again. Practolol, a drug for heart disorders which passed animal testing was pulled off the shelves when the drug was found to cause blindness in people. Arsenic, which...