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Problem Solution: Gene OneBest practices have been established the past several decades. Gene One needs transformational leadership to realize the vision of taking this company into the public sector. Management of organizational behavior has been lacking, and the senior management team is operating ineffectively. Creating a culture of excellence will spark a transformational change needed within the company.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationAccording to Cooper (2006), transformational leadership requires charisma, motivation, selflessness, and intellectual stimulation. These characteristics are not always intuitive. Gene One's founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Don Ruiz, must embrace the need for self-growth if he hopes to successfully lead his company into new areas of innovation and financial growth. Lack of quality and quantity of leaders is what most company's experience (Hsieh & Barton, 1995). "Values, attitudes, moods and emotions have important effects on organizational behavior" (George & Jones, 2005, p. 34). Ruiz needs to lead by example and rebuild trust and cohesiveness among his senior managers.

"An effective leader needs to ask what needs to be done not what do I want to do?" (Drucker, 2004, p. 59). The answer to this question will help Ruiz shape his action plan for Gene One's future.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical DilemmasGene One is accountable to multiple stakeholders. While each group is independently important, lack of cohesion among the groups is creating challenges for the CEO. Don Ruiz needs to lead by example if he hopes to successfully implement the transformational change at Gene One.

Don Ruiz has the biggest challenge in transforming Gene One. His responsibility is to the board of directors and to the employees. Their ethical dilemma is one of social responsibility and affective commitment. Ruiz and his senior management team needs to improve how they manage emotions and behavior in the workplace. Their lack of a...